Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!

I hope everyone's summer is going awesome. I've been trying not to sweat to death in this heat wave here in Brooklyn. How did I survive growing up in Florida?!

Here are somethings that have been making this heat wave a little more bearable:

1. Pilot Kombucha  I've been trying to not have a second cup of coffee in the afternoon so I've been turning to Pilot Kombucha's Turmeric Aloe. It's so light and refreshing AND the packaging is on point. Honestly, even if it wasn't that good I'd still drink it just cause it looks so pretty.  

2. Bare Republic Sunscreen I'm pretty much outside all the time over the summer and since I don't really tan and end up burning really quickly (I blame my Swedish/Welsh background) I'm constantly applying sunscreen. I love Bare Republic Sunscreen : no chemical actives, no synthetic fragrances, no retinyl palmitate, no parabens, and it's cruelty free. It smells super good and doesn't end up in my eyes when I start sweating.


3. You Are A Badass! by Jen Sincero -I LOVE THIS BOOK. I read it cover to cover in a few days and am now going through it and doing some of the work in it. This book is amazing, especially if you feel 'stuck' or 'in a rut'. It's described on Amazong  as the "self help book for people who want to improve their life but don't want to get busted doing it". This book is the truth. Do yourself a favor and add this to your summer reading list.

4. The Ultrafinishers Podcast - This podcast inspires me week after week. I listen to this on the runs where I just don't feel like running. There was one episode where a woman where a woman (I can't remember which one) was saying how she trained for her first ultra in the dead of winter, while raising three kids, one of whom is disabled, and working over 40 hours a week. Yeah, try to make an excuse to not run after listening to that! This is also the podcast where I first learned about the Daytona 100 which I'm running this December!

I hope you guys find at least one of these as awesome as I do!