4 Ways To Make Your Life Easier

Hello everyone! 

Summer is coming to a close and fall will be here soon. I don't know what it is about September, but it makes me want to get organized. I think it's also I subconsciously know I'm about to get a lot busier in the fall. Thankfully I've developed some habits that make the week go a lot easier and give me some free time.

Here's what I do to make my week (and my life) easier:

1. PLAN MY MEALS (at least my dinners) - This makes meal prepping and grocery shopping so much easier. Trust me, I want to get out of Trader Joes ASAP when I'm grocery shopping and having a list of what I need makes it that much easier. Plus it saves me from having to run out the same day because I forgot garlic or something. 

2. MEAL PREP - I'm a believer in "Cook once, Eat twice." I like to meal prep for about 4 days at a time. I usually cook a lasagna and a curry or soup, each which will last for two days, roast some veggies and potatoes, make a batch of quinoa and a batch of rice for bowls for lunch. I have a bunch of quick, delicious recipes I rotate through for dinners. Look for a post on this coming soon!

3. BUY IN BULK AND AUTOMATIC REORDERS - I love amazon.com and jet.com. As soon I grab the last paper towel, or my detergent is low I immediately go online and reorder. I know for some people Target is a magical place but the one in Brooklyn is basically the seventh circle of hell which I try to avoid at all costs. I also have my protein powders and vitamins scheduled to be reordered. Amazon gives you a 5% discount for subscriptions so I do it mostly through them.

4. SCHEDULING WORKOUTS - At the beginning of my week I go over my work schedule and my training schedule and figure out when I'm going to do my long runs, which days I'll only have time for strength training and when I can take a yoga or spin class. It also allows me to plan my rest day. It's so much easier waking up knowing what you need to do then waking up and trying to decide if you wanna run, or go to the gym or sit in bed and flip through Instagram.

I hope you can take one (or all) of these tips to make your life easier!