January Favorites

So, a while ago I posted a post called "Friday Favorites". I had every notion to post every week about my favorite things that week. But...I forgot and/or got lazy. Anyways, enough with the excuses, I'm bringing it back as a monthly post! Hope you enjoy what I've been digging this past month and maybe find something that vibes with you!

MOON JUICE : I'm obsessed with this shop. Literally. You've probably have seen their different Dusts either at Urban Outfitters or on the interwebs but they are so much more then that! They have a crazy selection of powders and snacks. I feel like every time I'm looking at their site I find something I've never heard of but can't believe I don't have it. Like Schisandra Berry. Click here for 20% off your first order.

The Italian Sub at Haymaker's Corner Store : Haymakers is an all vegan general store with a rad deli at the back. I'm OBESSED with their Italian sub. Seriously, I could happily eat it everyday. I think it's the peppercinos on it. 

Franklin and Whitman : Their products are plant based, natural, cruelty free and amazing. They also donate 5% of every sale go to helping dogs in need through their social mission Hairy Animals. Their Queen Village face mask is on heavy rotation.


Winter Citrus: The citrus during the winter time can't be beat. Seriously. I feel like it's nature's way of apologizing for winter. I've been eating Cara Cara oranges by the pound. Other favs: meyer lemons, blood oranges, and kumquats.

Getting back to Tone House : I've missed working out here! The end of last year I had a crazy running schedule and didn't have time or energy to take class. (I had two marathons and a 50 mile ultra within three months of each other!) No joke, the classes are hard as shit but I feel so good after. The cold soak tub is a definite plus.

Vegan Collagen : In case you missed why I'm on the collagen train here's my post from last week! I've been taking this vegan collagen from Reserveage. 

Hope everyone's first month of 2017 was off to a good start. Here's looking at February !