Why You Should Run During The Winter


Hey guys!

I was totally going to do a post about my favorite ways to workout when it's too cold outside. But that almost felt like I was giving excuses to NOT run. (Don't worry I will do a post about my favorite cross training classes!)

But then I started to think about all the reasons you SHOULD run during the winter. So hopefully these will help get you out of the door.

  1. It makes the winter feel not so bad. I can honestly say that running through the winter has made my SAD (seasonal affection disorder) a lot easier to deal with....which makes me easier to deal with. You end up getting acclimated to it. After a few runs 30 degrees doesn't feel so chilly.
  2. You burn more calories. It's harder for the body to regulate its core temperature when it's colder outside. That means you burn some extra calories if you take it outside as opposed to hitting the treadmill.
  3. You feel like a badass. At least I do. Seriously, it's a great feeling cruising down the sidewalks knowing that you are getting your miles in while everyone else is in hibernation mode. You can even get a few cool Instagrams out of it!
  4. It's free. Yep, running is still free! So you don't have to worry about shelling out $35+ for a fitness class just because you're scared of a little chill. Think of all that money you'll be saving! Which brings us to my next reason....
  5. You get to buy some new gear. All you basically need are gloves or mittens, a hat and maybe a neck warmer in addition to your running outfit. But I love buying a few new pieces for the winter (especially when Nike has a 25% sale) as an incentive to get outside. Nike and Adidas make some great cold weather tights. Runner's World has a great guide about how to dress right here.
  6. Spring/Summer is coming. Spring races are won in the winter. Bikini bodies are made in the winter. Get what I'm saying? Instead of giving in to hibernation mode, get your ass outside and run (and squat)!

Ok lovelies, so get your rear in gear and get running!