Mistakes I've Made Running The NYC Marathon

This year is my third year running the NYC Marathon.

It's such a fun race. It literally is like a party for every step of the 26.2 miles of the course. It makes me so happy to live here. The crowd support is unreal and it's the one race I think everyone should do.


My first time running it was a complete disaster. Everything that could go wrong did. A lot of it was my own fault. So hopefully by sharing the shit show that was my first marathon, you won't make the same mistakes I made.

I didn't make sure to charge my watch. So stupid right? My watch ended up dying at mile 11, so I was running blind for the rest of the marathon. It was so stressful to not know how fast I was going or even what time it was. 


I went out way too fast. Going out too fast is stupid to do at any race, especially at the NYC Marathon because the first mile is going up the Verrazano Bridge. 

I tried new things on race day. This is the one piece of advice that literally everyone tells you, but I still did it. I drank the Gatorade on the course, which is made with pure white sugar as opposed to the Gatorade in the bottle which is made with corn syrup. I ended up feeling like I was going to throw up for the last 8 miles. I also tried some energy chews as opposed to the gels that I trained with. So stupid, the chews got stuck in my teeth and in the back of my throat.

I wasn't flexible. I had a special shirt made with my name on it. It was long sleeved and meant for cooler temps. The high that day was almost 70. I was DYING in that stupid shirt. Instead of switching into a tank top that morning I insisted on wearing my long sleeve shirt that had my name on it because I HAD TO WEAR IT. I also learned that race that I hate people I don't know yelling my name when I'm dying. 

I had no plan to meet my out of town family. So in addition to feeling like I was going to either die from heat stroke or throw up in front of everyone, I was trying to run and text my family and tell them where to meet me. Also, after your first marathon, you have no thinking capacity. My brain was mush. So make a plan, especially towards the end of the race your phone could die and a lot of the time there's no service. 

So, to have an better NYC Marathon then I did I suggest:

  • Make sure to charge your watch and your phone.
  • Don't go out too fast.
  • Be flexible and check the weather. Layers are your friend!
  • Make a plan if you have family or friends meeting you.
  • Have fun!!!

Anyone else running the NYC Marathon this year? Drop me a line in the comments if so or if you have any questions!