How I Eat The Night Before A Race (And It's Not A Bowl Of Pasta)

Hey guys! Happy November! This year is friggen flying by!


Anyways with the NYC Marathon just a few sleeps away I thought I'd share how I start getting my nutrition ready. 

Usually about a 7-10 before a race I start really buckling down on what I eat. No added sugar, no refined flour, no gluten, no processed food, only a coffee in the morning. I also cut down on leafy greens (too much fiber can cause stomach issues) and any foods that I like but I don't digest well (like beans).


Around three days out I start eating a lot of sweet potatoes. I mean, not a crazy amount, but some for lunch and some for dinner. They are very easy on my stomach and are a great source of carbs and slow releasing sugar. I've been eating some purple sweet potatoes from Trader Joe's and they are amazing. They are so sweet that I don't need to put anything on them except for some hot sauce. 

Your last big meal should be lunch the day before. DO NOT eat a huge meal for dinner. Eat a normal size meal. You shouldn't tax your digestive system by eating a huge meal. Plus one meal isn't going to replenish your glycogen storage. That's why it's so important to pay attention to what you are eating a few days before.

My new go to dinner before a big race has been grilled tofu, rice, and a little bit of teriyaki sauce. I don't know why, but it just really agrees with me.  I've been loving the tofu teriyaki from Glaze so I usually pick that up and have some avocado on the side to have some good fat at dinner.

Also, two days before the race I make sure I'm hydrated as possible, sipping on Smart Water and Nuun (gotta get those electrolytes!!) and since it's been chilly, some turmeric ginger tea. It's important to sip on electrolytes the day before and the day off because if you just sip on plain water you can flush out your electrolytes and it can cause cramping.

Now, I know there are a million articles and blog posts telling you how to prepare for race day and there are a lot of different ways, but I'm just sharing how I do it and what works for me. It's super important to listen to your body and figure out what works for you. That's why it's so crucial for you to practice your eating before, during, and after your long run. 

Whatever race you are running I hope you have the best day out there and have fun!