Mushrooms! Mushrooms! Mushrooms!

Hey guys!

So lately I’ve been on a mushroom kick. And we're not just talking portobellos or shiitake mushrooms. I've been using medicinal mushroom powders.

I’ve been putting medicinal mushrooms in everything: smoothies, hot chocolate, coffee, soup, etc. 

You know why? Because they are insanely good for you. Give it a google. The amount of research on them is crazy. And I know you where wondering but you can't taste them. Seriously. Christian was super skeptical when I handed him a cup of reishi hot chocolate, but know he's a believer. Maybe I shouldn't have called it mushroom hot chocolate when I handed it to him....

Here are the ones I use just about everyday:

Reishi - I use reishi a lot. It is a powerful adaptogen which means it helps the body adapt to stress like anxiety, fatigue, emotional stress and trauma. You have to take reishi everyday for a few weeks to allow it to take its full effect. It also helps reduce inflammation. I love reishi in hot chocolate. It really just chills me out. 

Chaga- This guy helps keep you looking young and beautiful. Chaga is another powerful adaptogen. The melanin in chaga helps protect the skin against age spots and wrinkles, makes your skin glow and keeps your eyes and hair healthy. It also has crazy anti-inflammatory properties which makes it perfect to take after you workout to help you recover. 

Cordyceps- Use this if you workout! Cordyceps have been proven to enhance exercise and athletic performance, as well as resistance to fatigue. They boost the immune system and increase cellular oxygen absorption and lung capacity. I drink a pre workout blend that contains cordyceps. I actually heard about it first through Rich Roll and if he’s drinking it, so am I!

Lion’s Mane - I drink this before I write, if I'm feeling spacey or if I'm PMSing.   Lion’s Mane is known for improving cognitive function, memory, attention and creativity. It also helps lower anxiety and treat depression.

For my mushroom powders I use either Sun Potion or Moon Juice powders. Both of these companies are awesome and carry such high quality products. 

Recently I found a company called Four Sigmatic that specializes in mushrooms. I love their Reishi Cacao hot chocolate (when I don't make my own) and their Lion's Mane tea. They have a cordyceps pre workout that I haven't tried yet but will definitely be trying in the future.

Is anyone else on the mushroom train? Let me know in the comments!