What I Keep In My Pantry

I dream about a huge kitchen, with a range stove, walk in pantry and a dishwasher.

But in reality, I live in Brooklyn and have a small kitchen.

It’s pretty tiny.

So until I get my dream kitchen or move out of New York I have to make every inch count. I don’t have for room for things not aren’t amazing.

Since I don’t technically have a pantry, here’s what I always have in my cupboard.

IMG_1081 2.jpg


Workout Wise:

Vega Sport Protein Powder- I love this for post run smoothies. I get the vanilla and I’m obsessed with the taste.

Vega Recovery  - I drink this as soon as I finish a workout. It has a 4:1 carb to protein ratio which makes it perfect.

Beet Elite Preworkout - I take a scoop of this if I workout later in the day. It’s more for Christian.


My Potions and Powders:

Ashwaganda - anxiety soother and inflammation tamer. I love ashwaganda from Sun Potion.

Reishi - Check out my post about mushrooms HERE.

Ho Sho Wu - Balances hormones and helps the adrenals. I've been using Moon Juice Ho Sho Wu.

Cordyceps - I put these in every post workout smoothie. You should too.

Chaga - Fuels recovery and longevity, slows down the aging process.

Chlorella - Helps to detoxify your body and remove heavy metals out of your system.


Moringa - Has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and tissue-protective properties. There's a great article on mindbodygreen.com right  It tastes kinda like green tea.

Maca - Also another one that's good for your adrenals.

Tocotrienols - a super concentrated source of vitamins E, D and antioxidants. I put this in my coffee and it makes it super creamy. Tastes like vanilla.









Oats - for my overnight oats (recipe HERE) and energy bites

Gluten free pasta

Beans (black bean and chickpeas)

Coconut milk -  For curries and soups.

Quinoa - A staple for meal prep.

Nutitional Yeast - I use this everyday on just about everything.


Gluten Free Flour

Tahini / Nut Butters

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Spray

Olive Oil



Peppermint - Who doesn't like peppermint tea? Perfect for after dinner or to make iced tea.

Turmeric - I am obsessed with the Turmeric Tea from Trader Joe's.

Ginger - Helps with digestion.

Sleepy tea


Coffee - Always organic. I like Stumptown, Oslo Roasters, and Blue Bottle.

MCT oil - For my Vegan Bulletproof Coffee.

Macachino - It's coffee made from maca! Gives you a nice buzz like coffee but no caffeine. I also like to put it in smoothies.

Calm Magnesium Drink - This drink helps me relax at the end of a long day. I love it. 

So I hope you see that you don't need a ton of room to keep healthy things in the kitchen. 

In the next few weeks, I'll show you my fridge. Don't worry, it's small too.

What are your healthy staples in your pantry?