How To Shop At Whole Foods On The Cheap

It’s no secret that Whole Foods can be insanely expensive. Let's be honest, it's nickname is Whole Paycheck.

So many times I’ve walked out with a bag and $100 lighter. I’d be putting away the food thinking “How the F did I just spend a small fortune  and have nothing to cook dinner with?”

And as much as I value eating healthy, I don't want to spend all my money at the grocery store. You shouldn't have to! 

Then I started following these rules, and magically my grocery bill was cut in half.

  1. Go in with a plan. I like to meal plan at least 4 meals for the week so when I go in I know what I need. I do leave some room to be flexible just in case there are some awesome sales.

  2. Shop the sales. I bet you walk past the sale flyer all the time. I always grab it and give it a skim to see what’s on sale. If there’s something I like on sale, I stock up.

  3. Go with 365. 365 is Whole Foods generic brand and usually the cheapest option. I love their almond milk (no carregean!)

  4. Buy in bulk. The bulk bins at any store are always cheaper then the boxed options.

  5. Stay away from the prepared foods. Very rarely do I grab anything from the hot bar. It’s just too expensive and I always find it kinda bland. The few times I did grab anything I was shocked when it rang up. I could have gone out for dinner for what it cost.

  6. Also, stay away from the junk food. You don’t need that $8 chocolate bar. Or the $7 bag of vegan caramels. Let’s be honest, it’s not good for you or your wallet.

  7. Buy frozen produce and fruit. I buy frozen fruit for my smoothies and bags of frozen cauliflower, broccoli, and other veggies for quick dinner options.

  8. Bring your own bag. Not only are you doing something good for the environment, they will give you ten cents off per bag you use.

Sidenote: These tips will help you save money at ANY store and help you eat better.

Happy shopping!