My Experience With My Elimination Diet

Ok, so a few weeks ago I embarked on a 21 day diet eliminating soy and gluten. I don't do dairy or else I would have cut that out as well. 

I'll be honest, I felt really good the whole time. After a few days my gassiness and bloat disappeared completely which was AMAZING. It may be TMI but for the past two months I've been in a constant state of uncomfortable bloating and gas. It felt GOOD to feel normal. 

Eating out was a little inconvenient. Thankfully living in NYC every place has a GF menu, although finding things that where vegan, gluten free AND soy free tended to be a little trickier. The first time I ate out I felt like I was being annoying asking so many questions and ended up eating something that later did not treat me so kindly. Lesson was learned and from then on I was the Question Queen. 

I ended up doing a lot of eating at home and bringing my own food places. Just doing that in itself made me feel good. I love all my healthy eating out options in NYC, but I feel so good making my own meals and enjoying my own food. Knowing what I'm eating and saving money is a win/win situation. 

After the 21 days where over it was time to reintroduce soy and gluten. When reintroducing things  you have eliminated, you do each one separately. I first tried soy with some tofu salad from Dig Inn. I felt no negative response.

Three days later I ate a vegan sandwich with regular bread. Not good. Later that night I was noticeably puffy and the next day was a little gassy. It wasn't as bad as before, I didn't  have any cramps or pain like I do with dairy but it just wasn't a good feeling.

Now I'm not declaring I have celiac disease, but I know that I definitely have a gluten sensitivity. Since finishing the elimination diet and reintroduction phase I've been about 99% gluten free. I feel so much better ditching gluten and have had fun trying out new plant based gluten free products.  I've been OBSESSED with Simple Mills Pizza Crusts. They are the best gluten free crusts I've ever tried, plus the ingredients are super simple. It's insane looking at some of the ingredients for some gluten free products and there's just so many crazy ingredients. 

I could eat this everyday: Simple Mills Pizza Crust with Daiya Cheese, mushrooms and banana peppers.

I could eat this everyday: Simple Mills Pizza Crust with Daiya Cheese, mushrooms and banana peppers.

Has anyone tried an elimination diet? Let me know or if you have any questions drop me a line!