Let's Talk Protein Powders!

Hey loves!

One of the biggest questions I get IRL and online is about protein powders so I thought breaking down a few of the ones I use or have used would be helpful. There are a million plant based proteins out there. Even when I was working on this I kept finding new one I wanted to try so there's probably going to be a part two to this coming up.

My requirements for the protein powders: 

  • had to be easily accessible (either on amazon, target, or offered with free shipping)
  • gluten free
  • gmo free
  • no crazy chemicals

Also, I only tried out the vanilla flavored version of each.

Vega - $29.99

  • 1.20 per serving with 25 servings
  • Protein 20 grams
  • Protein Source Pea, hemp and rice
  • Taste Very vanilla. Almost reminded me of cake batter. Slightly chalky. 
  • Texture Smooth
  • Pros Added spinach, kale and broccoli powder. No sugar.
  • Cons Vanilla can over power other flavors in smoothies.
  • Side Note: I'm a big fan of the Vega Recovery Protein after super long runs or intense workouts.

Aloha - $23.99 

  • 1.60 per serving 15 servings
  • Protein 18 grams
  • Protein source Pea, pumpkin, hemp 
  • Taste mild vanilla
  • Texture slightly gritty if you use it in a shaker, but if you blend it in a smoothie it’s smoother.
  • Pros 200g omega-3s, non gmo, no stevia
  • Cons texture could be smoother
  • Side Note this was really good in overnight oats and protein pancakes.

Vegan Smart $23.52

  • 1.56 per serving 15 serving
  • Protein 20 grams
  • Protein source pea, hemp, chia, chlorella, potato
  • Taste this one had the best taste with a very mild vanilla.
  • Texture smooth
  • Pros Prebiotics and added digestive enzymes
  • Cons each serving was two big scoops so I felt like there was a lot of filler.
  • Side Note was super good when I made protein pancakes. Liked this one so much I can't wait to try the chocolate flavor.

Moon Juice $35

  • $1.75 per serving 20 servings
  • Protein 20grams
  • Protein Source Brown rice protein
  • Taste Super mild vanilla flavor 
  • Texture Slight grittiness
  • Pros Not a lot of filler. Very minimal ingredients. Way into the added cordyceps and reishi.
  • Cons Most expensive of what I tried.

Sunwarrior $44.99

  • $1.13 per serving 40 servings
  • Protein 17grams
  • Protein Source  pea, cranberry, hemp
  • Taste Super stevia tasting. Vanilla was fair.
  • Texture Grainy
  • Pros complete amio acid profile.
  • Cons Wasn’t wild on the taste to be honest. I would rather it be unsweetened.

I hope this helps answer some of the questions and gives your smoothies some extra protein love!

Also, I like to mix up which powders I use so I don't build up an intolerance to one of them. Same reason why I make different smoothies everyday. Also, don't feel like you have to use protein powder in every smoothie you make! I usually only put protein in after I workout or if I'm super hungry.

Ok bbs happy blending!