Kill The Bloat Detox Drink

Hi friends!

Did anyone else watch Game Of Thrones last night?! So good!! In all the excitement of the season premiere I may have eaten a little too much heavy foods. Actually let's be honest, I went HAM on some Crispy Tofu Sandwich and Peking Fries from Cinnamon Snail. So friggen good! But this morning I woke up not feeling my best: bloated and sluggish. I don't usually eat like that so when I do I really feel it the next day.

So enters my fail safe Detox Drink. I love drinking this first thing in the morning with a probiotic

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is so good for you. It alkalinizes your body, gives you energy, cleanses your system, helps make your skin glow, reduces bloating and water weight. 

Lemons are super alkalinizing, they provide the body with electrolytes which hydrate your body, contain vitamin C, and helps detox the body.

Cayenne Pepper improves digestion, reduces bloating, increases blood circulation, breaks up mucus and toxins and helps get your metabolism going.



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