Nine Ways To Make Your Next Long Run Not Suck

Hey guys!

So it's officially fall marathon training season! I'm so excited! I'm going to be running Chicago and New York this year and I can't wait. So now the long runs are getting longer and with the days getting hotter that means I have to be out the door as early as possible to beat the heat. To make my long run stress free I make sure to always do these eight things.

  1. Lay out everything the night before. If you do one thing, do this. I've spent countless hours looking for gels, water bottles, etc. I lay all of my clothes and things I'll need on a chair so I don't have to think about anything.
  2. Properly fuel the day and night before. Make sure to drink enough water the day before. Eat a good dinner. Don't go out partying. 
  3. Know your route. Plan out your route ahead of time so you don't have to do any mid-route guess work or wonder where the next bathroom is. You can zone out and just run.
  4. Mentally split your run up. I don't ever think of doing 20 miles but instead I'm doing 5 miles 4 times. Breaking it down makes it feel way easier.
  5. Get your playlist ready. I love saving podcasts and new music for my long run.
  6. Wake up early enough to eat and digest. I get up about an hour or so before I want to start running and eat a simple breakfast. I'm a big fan of Overnight Oats or almond butter and banana on a piece of toast with some Bulletproof Coffee.
  7. Do some dynamic stretching and foam roll any tender areas. This makes such a difference. I feel a hundred times better in the beginning of the run when I take the time to warm up.
  8. Run With A Friend. Knowing that I have someone relying on me always gets me out of bed for early morning run. When I was training for my 100k it wasn't realistic for someone to join me on all my long runs but I would meet up with friends to run a few miles with. It's a great way to catch up.
  9. Think about your end goal. When I start feeling tired or unmotivated, I envision the finish line of my next race and how good it's going to feel crossing it knowing that I gave it my all  during training.

What are you guys training for this summer? Anyone else running Chicago or NYC?