Books You Should Read This Summer

Earlier this summer Christian and I went to Rincon, Puerto Rico for about a week. It was HEAVEN. Basically all we did was eat amazing vegan food and lay on the beach. GOALS. I think the best part of the trip was that I finished TWO books while lounging on the beach. I wish I would have brought a third book to read. 

Now we're back in Brooklyn and hitting up Rockaway Beach every chance we get. I'm slowly but surely getting through my summer reading list. Here's what I've been reading this summer:

I LOVED this book! Ruby Warrington does such a great job of demystifying the modern spiritual world. Some things that sound kinda woo-woo to me (like Reiki) that now I can't wait to try. She presents modern day spirituality in such a way even the biggest cynic would think it's cool. Check out her website at

This book is essential for anyone who runs, swims, or does any sports of any kind. It shows how our brain is actually what hold us back or what pushes us forward. I'm currently reading this for the third time and it's so inspiring especially when training for my upcoming races.

I literally laughed out loud reading this. SEAL (David Goggins) is beyond motivating and I sometimes find myself repeating some of his quotes to myself during hard runs ("If it doesn't suck we don't do it" was one I kept repeating during the Daytona 100 Ultra)  It is such a great read, insanely funny and inspiring. I'm just going to leave you with some quotes because if you are going to read just one of these books it should be this one

“Roger that. So go fuck your bullshit shoulders,” he says. “Whatever you got going on, someone else has more pain. You gotta learn how to fight through it. No matter what it is… Think about someone else and take a suck-shit pill. - SEAL”  

“I believe in life résumés. Do more. Create memories. - Jesse Itzler”

You guys probably know by now I'm a huge Gabby Bernstein fan girl. Seriously. Her books have changed my life.  I know I've said every book on this list is inspiring but this one truly is. (Also, what's wrong with reading a ton of insanely inspiring books?!)

I've been recommending this book to EVERYONE. I love Kelly Leveque! This isn't a vegan cookbook but there are a ton of plantbased recipes in their. I love her easy going writing style and her sensible approach to nutrition that makes it accessible to anyone. PLUS she's Jessica Alba's health coach!

I don't think a book has ever given me so much confidence. Seriously! At first I thought the title was cheesy AF and would try to cover it when I was on the train but a few chapters in I was like "Eff that, this book is amazing and I want everyone to see this and read it". Her other book You Are A Badass At Making Money is also worth a read (I'm almost done with it).

I hope you guys are having a great summer and able to get pool side or beach side while reading one of these books. Let me know if there are any other books I should be reading this summer.