How I Eat & Run

Eating and running during the Great New York 100 ultramarathon.

Eating and running during the Great New York 100 ultramarathon.

Finally after a few years I've finally mastered how to eat and run. It took A LOT of trial and error! So this is what works for me and I hope it can help you figure out what works for you!

Before The Run

I like waking up at least an hour before I run and eat something. Sometimes I even wake up two hours before I run, eat something, then sleeping for another hour. I like to eat something small but with a good amount of calories and have it digested by the time I'm out the door. I used to slam a smoothie before heading out and then would feel sick during the run. Not fun.

During The Run

For any run longer then 7 or 8 miles I'll carry a gel. During my long runs I take a gel every 4.5 miles. I alternate between Humma, Endurance Tap, and GU Roctane. I like to mix it up. Plus I sometimes I have a harder time finding Humma or Endurance Tap and I feel like GU is always at any running store. I don't like to get to set on something and I want my stomach to be used to different gels. For runs longer then 26 miles I'll bring some solid food but I'll save that for another day.

I hate carrying water so I try plan my runs where I'll be able to hit some water fountains. The downside to this is in NYC they turn them off when it gets too cold. When I'm running longer I'll carry my Ultimate Direction Hydration Pack. The good things about carrying a hydration pack is I can put a NUUN tablet or two in it, it's on my back so I don't feel lopsided like I do when I carry a handheld, and there are pockets where I can stick gels and my phone. The downsides are the beginning of the run it's kind of heavy, my back gets sweaty, and I just hate carrying things.

Maybe if I was as fast as Meb......

Maybe if I was as fast as Meb......

To be honest my ideal long situation would be making Christian ride beside me on a bike with a water bottle, a separate bottle for electrolytes, a fan, and music. I can dream right?!?!

Let's be honest, you really can't talk about running without talking about using the bathroom. I plan my route around some parks and playgrounds that have bathrooms but sometimes if it's too early they are closed, or sometimes they are just gross. So I use Starbucks (I'll buy a water or at least throw a dollar in the tip jar), various fast food restaurants, laundry mats, Home Depot, gas stations, Barnes and Noble and Target. Bathrooms are everywhere, you just can't be shy. Please though, if you use a bathroom at a coffee shop throw a dollar in the jar!

After The Run

As soon as I finish my run I grab my Vega Recovery and make a drink. Shorter runs I use one scoop, longer runs I use 2-3. It has the perfect ratio of carbs to protein (4:1) for recovery, plus turmeric and other good things. I drink this while I stretch and foam roll. Usually after a long run I'm not hungry right away so this is a good way to refuel. After I shower I make a smoothie. It's so important to take in calories after a run. You want to rebuild the glycogen storages you depleted during your run. It also helps prevent muscle stiffness and soreness.