Why I Don't Think Juice Cleanses Are That Great

I've attempted my share of juice cleanses.

I tried the Master Cleanse which had me drinking water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. I heard that Beyonce did it for her role in Dream Girls and of course, I wanted to look like Beyonce. I made it a day. 


I tried some pretty pricey cold pressed juice cleanses. I walked in, plunked down some cash, and proudly walked out with my bottles of green juice clinking in their special tote bag. Later that night I ordered a burrito. This was a cycle I repeated SEVERAL times, each time vowing to stick to it. The one time I made it more then a day I dreamt of cereal.

Now I know why juice cleanses aren't my jam, and there are a few reasons. The first is I'm a super active person. Just juice doesn't give me enough calories to perform at my usual level. They also diminish your intake of fat and protein. Big problem, since those are the two nutrients your body uses to make neurotransmitters, which keep your mood stable.

They also don't have fiber. And fiber is what makes you full and what helps clean you out if you know what I mean. A crazy amount of people are actually fiber deficient.

I also think that people use them as a quick fix instead of addressing the underlying issue. Or sometimes I've seen people indulge super hard with food and drinks and then think a juice cleanse for a day will absolve them from it. Sorry, balance isn't swinging from one extreme to the other.

Another issue I have with them is the claim that they "detox" you. Our body does a great job of detoxing itself on it's own. If you want your body to run optimally, cut back on refined sugar and eat whole foods. Or add in foods that naturally help your body detox like beets, lemons, apples, garlic, greens, sprouts, sea veggies and cilantro. A good way to kick your body into cleansing mode first thing in the morning is to drink room temperature water with lemon or my Kill The Bloat Detox Drink.

Now, I'm not saying that I don't do juice at all. I just use them to supplement my diet. I usually grab a low sugar green juice from Juice Press (currently obsessed with the Green Day: broccoli leaf, spinach, arugula and a squeeze of lime) or straight ginger juice. I like to have a green juice instead of an afternoon coffee.


If you feel like you need a "reset" I fully back drinking filling, fiber rich, nutrient dense smoothies for breakfast and lunch and then having a healthy dinner. And when you drink them, don't slam them. Sip them, chew them a little.

What are your experiences with juice cleanses? Let me know in the comments.