Why I'm Going Vegan Keto


I feel like I should rename this blog "Things That I Used To Talk Shit About And Now I'm Trying".

I used to roll my eyes when people would talk about cutting carbs. I loved carbs. I mean, I still do.  I couldn't imagine a world without pizza, doughnuts, and other vegan delights. One of the benefits of living in NYC is all the delicious food.

But then I started not feeling my best self. Major digestive problems (bloating, gas, all the fun times). I also started experiencing brain fog all the time. I started gaining weight, even though my diet and my running was the same. I had insane sugar cravings. I got tested for celiac and found that I have one out of the two markers for it. Every morning when I would wake up I would be STARVING. Where I used to be able to ok grabbings some coffee and some almond butter or a banana, I started having to drink a smoothie or eat overnight oats before a run. (And we're not talking a long run, just my usual miles). During my runs I started to "bonk" earlier. During the Daytona 100 I started vomiting (sorry if its TMI) after the gels and soda made me feel awful. I just felt like shit more and more everyday.

I knew I had to change my diet.


Over the last few months I've been researching like crazy. I really liked the book Fat For Fuel and started reading the book Primal Endurance by Mark Sisson. Mark Sisson isn't vegan but does advocate a veggie heavy diet so I've been taking what he says and veganizing it. I also started reading every blog and every article Google gave me.

I also became intrigued by the possibility of becoming a fat adapted runner, which meant that instead of my body relying on and burning only glucose, my body would use fat as fuel. YES THAT SOUNDS AMAZING. So many of my runs have gone south because of digestive distress and with running ultras there's a longer window for things to go wrong. Being able to rely more on fat, which you have a HUGE storage of, as opposed to glucose (which you don't have nearly as much) would be a game changer for me. 

For the next few weeks I'm cutting my carbs way, way back (under 50gs) to get into ketosis. I'm tracking my food with my handy Cronometer app and ordered some ketone strips to start testing my ketone level. I'm also the psycho reading every label and nutrition info for everything. Going out for the next few weeks is gonna be tricky. So once the initial ketosis period is over  I'll aim for 50-100 carbs, tailored to my training.

Obviously, I'm a human and when we go on vacation I'll indulge a little. I don't think it's realistic for me to keep this up 365.  But I'm excited to start feeling better. I signed up for Leona Divide 50 miler in April and I'm hoping this will pay off. 

So expect a lot of vegan keto recipes coming up, as well as updates on my progress.


Let me know if you have any books or any experience with keto, vegan or otherwise.