telsa hertz ultramarathon

I always feel like the couple days after a race I’m pretty brain dead. To be honest, I’m still not there a hundred percent but I wanted to write a recap ASAP so here we go.

This past Saturday I ran in the Tesla Hertz 50k. The weather was PERFECT. It was 60-68 degrees and kinda overcast. We left Brooklyn at 6am and headed east to Rocky Point Long Island. The drive was super easy and there was no traffic. (Big thanks to Motivny and BMW for lending us a car to drive out there!)

ultrarunning vegan

When we got there the check in was super chill. I put my bag at the drop area and packed up my things and got ready to run. In usual fashion I got there with 15 minutes to spare. One day I’ll get to a race early and have time to relax and settle it!

The course was a relatively flat (only one real hill), gorgeous 10.25 mile, loop. It was super twisty but to my relief, not technical. It sounds pretty easy but I’ve only been running on roads so it was a little rough on my road legs. I can still feel it in my quads. Another goal: Run some trails before running a trail ultra.

I stuck to my fueling plan which was essentially 3 GUs and two scoops of Tailwind per loop. At the Whiskey Girl aid station I did grab a few Twizzlers and a cup of Coke. Also, shout out to the race directors for putting on a cup free race! They gave us these cute little collapsable cups to refill.

The first loop was a breeze. I stuck to the back of the pack because my coach told me to run at a pace that was beyond easy since this was just a training run. I just enjoyed myself and just took in the beauty of the woods. I love living in Brooklyn but I need to get in the woods more.

The second loop started good. I tried to just grab what I needed out of my bag and then just start walking while I was putting things back in my back. Three miles into the second loop I just started to feel like crap and got into a negative headspace. My pack was chaffing my collarbone and my legs were getting super achy. (Definitely because of only running roads) At mile 15 I started to listen to music just to grind out the last 5 miles to get back to the start/finish area. I started to give myself reasons why I could drop: I wasn’t going to hit my time goal, my legs hurt, I’m so much slower on trails, etc. I realized I was being a brat and told myself to suck it up and do it. Plus I don’t think Chris would have let me drop unless my leg was broken.

ultrarunning telsa hertz

The third loop went better. I was running when it felt nice and just jamming along. I was in a good groove when all of a sudden I fell. I took a minute to asses how I felt. My calf had seized up when I fell so I just walked until it loosened back up. Weirdly, I feel like when I fell I knocked all of the negativity out of me. I got super stoked to finish and hustled back to the finish.

I finished and crammed a peanut butter and banana sandwich in my mouth and then made Chris take the obligatory finisher picture for me.

As my coach’s request, on the ride home I thought of some things I could have done differently:

  1. Gotten all my stuff together before I got to the race (and gotten there earlier)

  2. Ran few runs on the trails before the race

  3. Not worked the day before the race (or left early)

Everyone who put on the race and worked the aid stations were so nice. I love smaller trail races like this were everyone is just super friendly and helpful. Definitely will be coming back next year.

telsa hertz 50k