Winter Running Essentials

I hate running in the cold. Like seriously hate it. Too bad for me, I live in the Northeast and like to run spring races. So I gotta get my buns outside.

Between living in Boston and now in Brooklyn, I’ve spent a lot of winters running outdoors. And I’ll be honest, it does help with my winter blues to get outside. After awhile, 35 degrees seems warm. Kinda.


Here are a few things that help me survive winter:

  • A Buff. I love my Buff. I can use it to cover my face or keep my ears warm. I just got a new one that is reflective to help keep me safe with the darker days.

  • The art of layering. I always have few layers on over the winter. Layering your clothes traps pockets of body heat between them to insulate your body, unlike a single thicker and heavier layer. If I start to get to warm I can easily peel off a layer and tie it around my waist. UNIQLO Heattech are legit LIFE SAVERS over the winter.

  • Cheap gloves. I have a few pairs of $0.99 gloves so I can grab and go whenever and if I lose one it’s no biggie. I have a nice pair of running mittens (and by nice I mean they where $12 at Target) that I break out when it gets SUPER cold but for the most part, I just rock my cheapies.

  • HotHands Hand Warmers. These are amazing! You can even get some to put in your shoes. I always have these on hand for when its chilly to shove in my gloves (my hands are always cold) or to put in my sports bra. They are also good for winter races, where you have to stand around in the corrals you can stay nice and toasty.

  • Weleda Skin Food. I slather this on my face to protect my skin from the cold. It helps me from getting wind burnt or dried out. I also put it on my hands so they don’t chapped.

Graphic from  this article

Graphic from this article

When it’s snowy or icy out, I usually wear my trail running shoes so I don’t slip and accept that I won’t be a fast as I would be normally. I mean….not saying that I’m insanely fast but you know what I mean. I know some people wear Yaktrax but I personally haven’t tried them out. I am way into Nike’s Shield collection which are basically waterproof running shoes. These are great for the winter or for when it’s rainy outside.

Also, check out this post I wrote a few years back about Why You Should Run During The Winter.

I hope these tips keep you running through the winter.