How to Avoid Gas and Bloating On A Vegan Diet

bloating and gas vegan diet

Hey guys!

So I wanted to share with you guys some advice with a question I get asked a lot:

How do you prevent bloating and gas on a vegan diet?

Anytime you change your diet your digestive system has to  adapt.  Especially if you start eating a diet rich in fiber (aka adding more fruits and veggies into your meals). When you are eating the Standard American Diet (aka SAD) most people are only getting around 15 - 20 grams of fiber. The daily recommended amount is around 30 grams. So when you start adding in more veggies, grains and fruits, and eating less processed foods, meat and dairy, your body is getting A LOT more fiber, which can shock your digestive system resulting in the ever pleasant bloating and gas.

This is natural and you should give your body some time to adjust. (This is also why I’m a fan of  the “crowding out method”: slowly crowding out the not so great food on your plate with more plant based whole foods so it gives your body sometime to adjust instead of going cold turkey). 

There are some other ways to help curb your bloat and gas in the mean time:

probiotic digestive enzymes
  1. Eat fruit on an empty stomach or no sooner then two hours after your last meal. Fruit digests super fast and if you eat it right after a big meal it just sits on top of the slower digesting food, fermenting and causing gas. You should eat your fruit in the morning or as an afternoon snack, I wouldn’t recommend eating it as a dessert. 

  2. Take a probiotic. I take a probiotic just about every morning with lemon water to kick start my digestion. I also started to incorporate more probiotic rich foods in my diet (kombucha, Coconut Cult yogurt and sauerkraut).

  3. Take a digestive enzyme with meals. When I dine out or travel I always bring some digestive enzymes with me to help with my digestion. 

  4. Eating slower and chewing more thoroughly. When you woof down your meals in three seconds and barely chew it, it’s not going to digest well. Chewing your food thoroughly means your stomach will have an easier time digesting it. Also, when you eat super fast you end up swallowing a lot of air which turns into (you guessed it) GAS.

If your symptoms are severe, you should definitely go to your doctor for a check up. A few years ago my digestion was severely out of wack and I got tested for celiacs. My dad has celiacs so I was concerned that I may have it too. Turns out I have a gluten sensitivity so I just do my best to avoid it, except for sourdough which doesn’t have the same negative reaction as like, a white bagel.

I hope this helps you have a nice, bloat free holiday season!

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