Let's Be Honest Here....

Starting at the beginning of the year I went vegan keto. I blogged about it, put everything about it up on instagram, etc. I was excited about it. But something kinda felt "off" about it. After the 30 days I eased up on it. I definitely noticed a drop in my weight (which wasn't a goal but a nice result) but I think that was more due me cutting out all the bullshit snacks I was eating. 


Things that didn't sit right with me

I was eating A LOT of soy. And I don't think (organic, GMO free) tofu is bad for you, but I was eating a tofu scramble just about everyday, in addition to having it at other meals.

I was also eating a lot of processed fake meat, like Beyond Beef burgers (which IMO are still the best burgers EVER) and Gardein Chik'n because they are low carb. 

I felt SUPER restricted, which makes sense because I was being super restrictive. It drove me crazy that I couldn't eat an apple or it would knock me out of ketosis. And oranges. I really missed oranges. I've been vegan for over 16 years and I've never felt restricted or like I was missing anything. 

I am not a calorie counter. I hate punching in things in an app to tell me if I can eat it.

Demonizing a macro group didn't feel right. You shouldn't be scared of (healthy) carbs or fat.

Things that I did like about it and will continue to do

Last year at my physical I got tested for celiac and found out that I have a gluten sensitivity so the whole gluten-free aspect of it really worked for me.  After the first month of it, I reintroduced gluten to my diet AND MY BODY WAS NOT HAPPY! So bloated and gassy. So yeah, gluten and I aren't friends.

I will still eat all the greens. I love my big salads. Going vegan keto encouraged a lot of eating greens. I was putting spinach in all my smoothes, arugula in my scrambles and zoodles in my spaghetti and loved it. I actually like zoodles better then traditional noodles just because obviously they aren't processed.

Cutting out sugary snacks. No post run doughnuts, ice cream, etc. I felt like I was actually eating to fuel my body and in return my body was running at a really good level. Cutting out (not just cutting down) the amount of refined grains and sugar made me feel great.

So yes, I'll still be doing my cauliflower smoothies because I love them, but I will start eating (healthy) carbs. So yes, no gluten, no crappy snacks, but good food like some fruit and potatoes and carrots. I thought Chris was going to cry tears of happiness the other night when I baked sweet potatoes for dinner. 

Getting wild with some sweet potatoes with my Beyond Beef Burger, mushrooms, sauerkraut and arugula.

Getting wild with some sweet potatoes with my Beyond Beef Burger, mushrooms, sauerkraut and arugula.

I know a lot of people that going keto has really worked for them and I think it's a great way to lose weight and to do a reset. For me it wasn't a sustainable diet. I always encourage people to listen to their body and do what feels good for them and that's what I'm doing. 


Side Note: Rich Roll just put up a super informative podcast with Dr. Joel Kahn that you should definitely check out. I just ordered Dr. Kahn's new book "The Plant Based Solution" for myself and a copy for my parents. I try to be a lighthouse, but sometimes it's good to give the ones you love a nudge. 

Leave me a comment if you have tried vegan keto, or have any questions!