The List Number 1


Hey guys!

So a while back I used to make a Friday Favorites List and then it was reduced to a monthly favorites list and kinda just died. I'm bringing it back again to share all the awesome stuff I've found or read that may not be worth a whole post but definitely worth you checking out. Or funny shit I found online. You get the idea. Basically a mish mash of cool things every week.

Here's somethings that really made my week awesome:


This corgi was fat shamed and his owner was not having it.


My adventures with CBD oil continued! I've been loving it in my tea at night (it's honestly better then wine IMO). 

I listened to Rich Roll's Podcast with Dr. Joel Kahn two times. The first was just to listen and the second time I took notes. It definitely is a must listen. They talk about veganism and ketosis

Starting to feel the difference in my core by incorporating pilates in my routine. I've been going to New York Pilates and I'm obsessed. The studio on Bowery is gorgeous and my abs and butt have never felt so strong.

vegan donut friend

Started planning my LA trip and am dying to eat all the good vegan food while I'm there. Especially Gracias Madre and Donut Friend. Also getting excited about running the Leona Divide 50 miler!

Binged "Ugly Delicious" on Netflix. Obviously not a vegan food show but still I couldn't stop watching it.


Chloe Coscoarelli's new cook book, Chloe Flavor, came out this week! I cannot wait to cook my way through it.

Made a new running playlist mainly of the new Reggie and the Full Effect album "41" and the new Turnstile Album "Time & Space". See I listen to things besides rap and pop music. Does anyone else use Tidal? I've been thinking about putting up some of my playlists.


I hope you guys have an awesome weekend, and please if you have any recommendations for amazing vegan food in LA, or are running the Leona Divide, let a girl know in the comments!