Getting Ready For My 50k


Man oh man, October 6th is coming up soon. I signed up for the Tesla Hertz 50k a week or two ago after going back and forth between a million races. Not really a million, more like 3, but anyways…

I’m not gonna lie, I’m nervous. My training for my “A” race has been going really good. After I hurt my quad I ended up taking some time off from running and getting a new coach. Taking some time off plus the new coach has made a world of difference. I don’t think I have ever been running better. I was stuck in the same routine and not making improvements, plus flirting with burnout. I’m running slightly lower miles but actually running quality workouts. My body has never felt better although I’m still slightly paranoid anytime anything feels off.

Even though this is a race, I’m running it more like a training run. I’ve been dying to do a race and really wanted to do one in October so I could asses where I am and hopefully get a confidence boost

Because races are unpredictable (the longer you are out there, the more stuff that can go wrong) I like to control as much as I can. I’m very much a type A person when it comes to things like this.

How I Am Going to Fuel:

Before the race I’ll have my Chia Oats and some coffee. It’s about an hour drive to the race so I’ll sip on some coconut water and Tailwind and let everything digest. I’ll take some Gu Roctane BCAAs 15 minutes before I start.

ultra running essentials

One thing that I’ve been paying more attention to is how I eat fuel during my runs. I used to be the worst, always under fueling then wondering the last couple miles where always a struggle. Now I’ve started eating more while running I feel a lot stronger during my long runs. So every 45 minutes I’ll take one GU (I’m currently way into the Birthday Cake flavor). I tried taking a GU every 30 minutes but that was more then my stomach could handle. In addition to the GU I’ll be drinking Tailwind. My coach suggested that I aim for 250-300 calories an hour so each loop I’ll also be grabbing some real food like a homemade energy ball or a Picky Bar. I’m obsessed with the Blueberry flavor.

After the race I’ll immediately have some Vega Recovery. I drink this after every long run, every workout. It helps refuel me with some quick carbs and protein. Right after a race I’m never hungry but ya gotta put something in your body asap. After an hour or so my appetite will be back with a vengeance so I’m packing some snacks from Juice Press for the ride home. Don’t get me wrong, I’m gonna go ham on some pizza from Screamers and a glass of wine. But for the next few days after I make a point to eat a lot of anti-inflammatory food (ginger, turmeric, green smoothies, etc) to speed up recovery. That night I’ll do my best to foam roll and take an epsom salt bath and take it easy. The more you work on recovery, the better you feel the next day. Since this is just a training race I want to get back out there ASAP.

Other Essentials:

Can’t forget my trusty Squirrel’s Nut Butter. I use it on my feet, under arms and inner thighs. Since it’s out in Long Island, there’s a chance of ticks so I’ll have a lint roller to go over myself as well as some tick repellant. I still haven’t found a good hydration pack so I’ll be using my Ultimate Direction Vesta.

Happy running everyone.