Week two of the Whole30 is in the books. Still feeling good. I wish I could say that I don’t miss vegan junk food but I have been craving a burger from Rip’s Malt shop. Chris and I have also been plotting about what to eat during the Super Bowl. We don’t care about football in the slightest but love the food. 

Ok, enough about vegan junk food.


So I’ve still been way into sweet potatoes for breakfast. I need to branch out, but they are just so good and so filling. It’s so easy to slice some up in batches for toast or roast them in bulk to bring with me for lunches.

I’ve also started to experiment with plantains. I’ve been using the green ones and air frying them to make chips. It’s super simple, just slice the plantain (peel it first) super thin, spray them with some coconut oil and toss them in the air fryer for 15-20 minutes. Every 5 minutes, check them out and check on them and give them shake. So delicious especially with some guacamole or salsa. 


My favorite recipe I made was the Plantain Black Bean Enchilada Bake from Minimalist Baker. It’s soso good. I made it Sunday night and Chris was in heaven. I made it again last night but doubled the recipe so we can have leftovers throughout the week. It’s one of those dishes that taste better the next day. Oh, and when you make it, double the cheese sauce. Trust me. It’s out of this world. 

Physically I’ve been feeling great. Way less bloated and gassy. I’ve also been very regular. Like more than usual. Sorry if that is TMI. My abs are getting a little more defined and overall I feel leaner. I have no idea if I’ve lost weight because you aren’t supposed to weigh yourself on the Whole30 and the batteries on our scale are dead anyways and I keep forgetting to buy some.

I think the slight weight lose and just overall eating more whole foods has definitely helped with my running. My times are starting to come down and I just feel better while running. I feel more energized and I’m not experiencing as much soreness. I feel like my body is able to recover so much better. 

Looking forward going into week 3!