So I’m not starting my Whole30 right on January 1st. I had a few days off after New Years and wanted to spend some time to researching and prepping. I also wanted to eat at the Ramen Hood pop up one last time before they close on the 19th. It’s so good I didn’t want to wait til the next time I’m in LA to eat there.

The past few days I went through a lot of cookbooks and pulled a few recipes I wanted to make. Going through old cookbooks is a great way to get excited and inspired to start cooking. It also reminds me of foods I haven’t cooked in a while. What can I say, I’ve been in a rut. I don’t want to get crazy and cook a new recipe every night (but hats off to you if you want to!) but also don’t want to eat just roasted vegetables with Everything But The Bagel seasoning for every meal.

meal prepping for  vegan whole30

To help with meal prepping I ordered some bulk BPA free tupperware to save things and for us to bring to work. I would love to use all glass containers but one of us leaves his lunch containers at work all the time (*cough* Christian *cough*) so it’s better if I buy the inexpensive containers. I like these that you can get on Amazon.

I primarily got everything I needed from Trader Joe’s for around $100, which I think is good for two people and having to rebuy some staples like coconut aminos and tahini. I primarily got organic produce (fresh and frozen), oranges, greens for salads, assorted raw nuts for homemade bars and energy bites as well as nut milk, and compliant condiments. Anything that wasn’t a whole food (like salsa), I made sure to read the label to make sure there was no added sugar.

grocery shopping vegan whole30

Since I’m doing this Whole30 to clean up my diet to improve my running (cleaner fueling and less inflammation will definitely help) I’ve started re-reading Thrive by Brendan Brazier. The recipes are clean and pretty simple/easy to make. Any recipes that call for any sweetner I’m either leaving it out or substituting dates. Easy peasy.

A question I’ve been getting a lot is if I am still going to do smoothies for breakfast. According to the Whole30 website they would rather that you didn’t drink your meals:

Smoothies (generally made using lots of fruit) are technically compliant on your Whole30, but we strongly recommend against it. Food that you drink sends different satiety signals to your brain than food that you chew. So when you drink your meal, your brain isn’t getting the feedback it needs to tell your body that it’s had enough of what it needs. Plus, smoothies are generally really fruit-heavy, and starting your day off with a liquid sugar-bomb sets you up for cravings, hunger, and volatile energy levels throughout the day. In summary, we’d rather you just eat the food, and skip the smoothie.

While I’m not going to completely rule them out, I’m going to try to eat whole foods in the morning (like sweet potato toast or chia pudding). I’ve gotten in a rut lately with just making the same cauliflower smoothie with granola and peanut butter so I’m looking forward to the challenge and switching things up. (Chris was really excited about no smoothies for breakfast lol) I will be having them after my long runs to refuel. For me it’s the most efficient way to refuel.

Follow along on Instagram (@lisalindeyeats) for my day to day meals and I’ll be recapping each week here on the blog as well as sharing some recipes.

Let me know in the comments if you are doing a Whole30 or if you have any questions.