vegan whole30 chili recap

Hello my friends!

Week three of my vegan Whole30 is done and dusted. And to be honest, I’m getting pretty bored of it. Maybe it’s natural to hit a lull or get bored when you’ve been doing something for 21 days. I miss peanut butter. And bread. Specifically, I miss vegan grilled cheese sandwiches on these cold days. I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen with some recipes and trying out some new ones which has been fun.

During my busy weekdays when I’m not home it’s been challenging to find places to eat that are Whole30 compliant. Sugar is in everything! If I have to eat out I usually just grab a salad with lemon and oil and vinegar.

I have been feeling really good eating this way and Chris and I both decided to keep it up but not as strict. We have both lost some weight and feel energized. Doing this has shown us how much processed food we eat and it’s kinda insane. We’ve been eating pretty simply and re-discovering foods that we had just forgotten about. I’ve also reignited my love affair with my Instant Pot: I’ve been making chili like no ones business which has been perfect for these insanely cold past few days, plus it makes for great leftovers. Like always, Minimalist Baker has the dopest chili recipes hands down.

whole30 vegan buffalo cauliflower

One of my favorite discoveries during my Whole30 was the Vegan Ranch by Primal Kitchen. Holy shit, it’s so good. I love to air fry some cauliflower, toss it with some hot sauce then drizzle some of the vegan ranch on it. It’s my version of a Whole30 buffalo bite.

vegan whole30

Also, I started using Nutpods in my morning coffee and my mind is blown. How have I never tried these before?! They make the coffee so creamy. My fav is the french vanilla. I was obsessed with the peppermint mocha but it’s only available during the holidays. You better believe that when they come back around I’m going to be the psycho that orders a years supply.

Ok bbs, only 9 more days left. I think I got this.