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Hi! Hello! First Monday of 2019!

So I was all set to go on my long run and realized that my Garmin was dead. *FACEPALM* UGHHHH. Such a rookie mistake, amirite?

Since Garmin (or at least mine) take forever to charge, I thought it would be a good time to talk about my running goals for 2019.

2019 ultrarunning goals
  1. STAY INJURY FREE. The past two years I’ve been dealing with injuries, starting with a piriformis injury in September 2017 that thwarted my carefully curated race schedule (Chicago Marathon, NYC Marathon and my attempt at the Daytona 100). 2018 started off better but I hurt my quad after running the Leona Divide 50k and was dealing with one thing after another afterwards. I took a month off between training cycles to heal and that definitely helped. This year I’m committed 100% to doing my PT exercises (and not just when I’m injured lol), building up my overall strength (more weights and single sided exercises), incorporating more yoga and stretching, and getting my core and back strength up.

  2. CLEAN UP MY DIET. I would like to say I eat a fairly clean diet but the last part of 2018 that was a lie. I got super dependent on fake meat products, sugary snacks and eating out. Eating out is so easy when you live in NYC and you’re surrounded by amazing vegan options. I realized that we were eating like we were on vacation all the time. I started off 2019 by doing a vegan version of the Whole30 (you can read all about it on my previous posts) to cut out sugar and get me back into the kitchen. I’m feeling good about it and it’s been fun experimenting with new recipes and foods.

  3. GET FASTER. Obviously I know I’ll never be getting an Olympic Qualifying Time and not even sure I’ll BQ, but I would like to break 2 hours in a half marathon. And obviously I want to do my best for the Speed Project in March. Working on my speed will definitely help my ultrarunning. I want to move from back of the middle to what Rob from Training from Ultra refers to as a “middle of the pack crusher” lol.

  4. RUN 100 MILES. It killed me to drop from the Daytona 100. It sucked even more to battle injury after injury and not be able to train for a 100 miler last year. I’ve been feeling good the last part of 2018 and I’ve been eyeing some 100 milers later in 2019 (Hennepin Hundred and Javalina Jundred). I feel pretty confident I can not only complete a 100 miler but do a really fucking good job while doing it. Maybe 2019 is the year I unleash my inner ultrarunning Sasha Fierce (Beyonce reference, google it).

  5. MORE TRAILS. I’ve been doing a lot of road running. I live in Brooklyn so it’s not like I can walk out my door and on to a trail everyday. But this year I want to make more of an effort to get out of the city and on some trails. When I was out in LA for the Leona Divide I loved spending so much time on the trails. I also realized when I just felt a strong aversion to signing up to a race that a few months ago I thought was a good idea that I’m burnt out on urban ultras, at least for now.

I don’t like to make a list of 20+ resolutions that most of them I won’t do, but I do like to just have a few goals that everyday I can look at and chip away and work towards achieving them.

What are your 2019 running goals? Let me know in the comments or on instagram so we can support each other.

Happy 2019!


Is it crazy that my Garmin still isn’t fully charged? I wrote this post and watched two Billy Yang videos lol. Oh well!