whole30 meals

Hey guys!

So I’ve finished my first week of my vegan Whole30. I’m really into it, to be honest. It’s been fun to get back into the kitchen and cooking more. I’ve actually cooked every meal this week except for two times I picked up Sweetgreen for dinner. (I was sick over the weekend and after working I just didn't feel like cooking.) That’s really big for me because Christian and I have gotten a little to reliant on Seamless.


vegan whole30 dinner

This first week of my vegan Whole30 has shown me what a junk food vegan I have become. I had no idea how much processed food I was eating until I had to cut it out. It also has shown me what a cooking rut I was in: the same smoothie everyday and the same dinner just about every night. I was the veggie burger plus frozen veggie queen. I also realized that sugar is in friggen EVERYTHING. Even salsa. Read your labels bbs!


At first I wanted to do the strict Whole30 and just omit the eggs and meat and eat everything else. That didn’t work out for me. The first two days I was crazy hungry all day. After that I decided to incorporate non gluten grains and legumes as well as some organic soy. I run so much, plus am a very active person on top of that so I need more calories. Plus I’m doing this to clean up my diet, not to restrict myself. I did that before when I tried a vegan keto diet before and I hated how restrictive it was. My reasoning for this vegan Whole30 was to cut out processed food, kick my sugar addiction, and start eating a more whole food plant based diet.


meal prep from my vegan Whole30

Like I said before, the first two days sucked but once I made some adjustments I’ve been feeling really good. I’m starting to have more energy (my last few runs have felt AMAZING).I feel like I’m truly fueling my body for all I ask of it, running wise. Like I’m eating like I’m training to run a 100 miler or something *wink*

I’ve found a newfound sense of happiness when I’m grocery shopping. I love filling my cart up with a ton of produce and grains. Today when I pulled my cart up at Whole Foods I was like, “Hell yeah, my cart looks healthy as fuck” hahaha. Sidenote: It’s crazy how much less I’m spending on groceries now that I’m not buying a ton of fake meat.

It hasn’t been all easy breezy. I’ve definitely been craving bread something fierce. After my long run yesterday all I wanted was jelly beans. And a hot bagel. Basically I wanted processed carbs and sugar. I had some dried mango which helped curb my craving.

best vegan whole30 breakfast


So, I think my favorite discovery on this Whole30 journey has been SWEET POTATOES FOR BREAKFAST! Holy shit, I can’t believe I slept on this. I’ve been making them in a large batch, then popping them outta the fridge and topping them with almond butter, bananas, hemp seeds and some coconut flakes. So delicious and keeps me full for a while. I get a big bag of the little ones from Trader Joe’s, they’re the perfect size.

I’ve also been experimenting with plantains, I just finished making some plantain chips in the air fryer and they are dope. Still working on my maduros. I’m starting to realize that the ones I used to order definitely had added sugar in them.

I’ve also been enjoying potato hashes, zoodles, tofu scrambles (made with organic, non gmo extra firm tofu) and soo many salads. Primal Kitchens make great Whole30 compliment dressings, I love the vegan ranch and the lemon turmeric.

So yeah, I’m feeling really good and really positive so far. This vegan Whole30 isn’t about restriction but rather how I can fuel my body with the most nutritional food I can.

Well that’s all for this week my dears.

Let me know in the comments if you’re doing a Whole30!