recap of my vegan whole30


I finished my vegan Whole30 experiment. There were a few hiccups (seriously it’s insane that sugar is added into SALSA) but for the most part things went really well.

I felt like I had more energy during these 30 days. I lost 6 pounds which was a nice bonus.

After your Whole30 you are supposed to re-introduce the foods that you weren’t eating on the Whole30 and see how your body reacts to them. It’s a bad move to go crazy and eat everything that you missed during the 30 days.

Which is what I kinda did.

The Super Bowl was the day after our Whole30 ended so Chris and I thought it’d be fun to pick up a vegan Sicilian Pie and some buffalo seitan wings from Screamers. We don’t care about the Super Bowl in any capacity but do enjoy the vegan versions of the food that come with it. I’m not gonna lie, the pizza and wings were amazing. (I did take some vegan digestive enzymes before I ate, HIGHLY recommend taking them before you eat out or when you travel)

Fast forward to this morning and I felt like garbage. I had a headache and my face was puffy. Ugh. I had a gluten hangover. 

That’s no suprise, I do have a gluten sensitivity (my dad has celiac so I got tested a few years ago after I was having some stomach issues) which usually just means I get gassy after I eat gluten, the headache and puffy face was a new thing. FUN.

A good guide on how to properly reintroduce food is found on the Whole30 site.

We decided even before our Whole30 was over that we wanted to continue eating this way, more or less. Cleaning up my diet really opened up my eyes to how unhealthy I was eating, even when I thought I was eating “clean”. I like that I’m in the habit of reading the labels on foods that even though they are vegan, may have added sugar or other weird stuff. Even better, I like that I mostly eat things that don’t have labels. Making those few tweaks in my diet has also positively impacted my running: I have more energy and I feel like I’m recovering better after a hard workout.

Alright bbs, time to run. I hope y’all are having a great start to the week.