Hey guys!

So these months have been super busy between work and training for the Speed Project, not to mention trying to be a good partner to Chris and keeping up with friends and family….time is stretched pretty, pretty thin.


I’m always one for time saving hacks and being as efficient as possible, especially when I have a lot on my plate. I want to do it all, do it well and still have time to relax. Here’s somethings that have helped me soo much.

how to make your meal prep easier
  1. A coffee maker that you can program to brew. I know I’m about 15 years late to this but it’s been a total morning game changer for me. I’m OBSESSED with it. It makes my morning so much easier and its nice to know as soon as I walk into the kitchen I can pour myself a cup of coffee with a splash of hazelnut Nutpods (after my morning lemon water obv). It really gets me outta bed. I got this bad boy from Amazon.

  2. Pre-diced garlic and ginger. They make meal prepping and cooking in general so much quicker. I’m not a good dicer and then the garlic lingers on my fingers for a good day or so. I hate it. I’ve tried a garlic press but they never did a good job. I love the jar of diced garlic from Trader Joes: I just keep it in my fridge and pop it open when a recipe calls for garlic. Same thing goes for ginger, it’s perfectly diced in a nice little jar when ever I need to add some to tea or soups. The ginger from The Ginger People is my favorite. Having them ready to go also helps me cut down on my food waste since I was always finder rogue garlic bulbs sprouting in my fridge.

  3. Making lists. At the beginning of the week I make a list of everything I want to meal prep for the week. From there I make another list of everything I need to grab at the store (or order from Amazon Prime). I only go to the store with my grocery list. Doing this saves me money (no more grabbing random things), time (since I get everything the first time, using the list helps me not forget anything) and makes me more efficient cruising through the aisles of the grocery store. I also make a list in the morning of 5-7 things that I need to get done. I got this tip from Lauryn at The Skinny Confidential and it’s made things so much easier.

  4. Soups and stews for meal prep. I LOVE THEM. Super easy to double the recipe and you can really fit in so many veggies and greens in them. Plus they always taste better the next day. I’ve been making a big batches of Red Lentil Coconut Dahl with carrots and spinach and it’s been perfect for this weirdly cold spring we have been having. Also meal prepping in general makes my life easier but making soups and stews make it that much quicker. I’m a big fan of Vegan Richa and Oh She Glows for great recipes.

Hope these tips help you guys as much as they helped me. And as always, let me know in the comments if you have any good time saving tips!