I love love love adding extras to my coffee. It’s the second thing I drink in the morning (first thing is either room temperature water and lemon or wheatgrass juice) so why not start my day off right?

Enter in: the Mocha Chaga Cold Brew. So delicious and the caffeine and chaga get you ready to take on the day. This is perfect to drink before a run or workout.

Chaga is great to add to your coffee (it already has a coffee-esq taste).

What is Chaga?

Chaga is a mushroom and has been called “The King of Mushrooms”. It grows in colder climates in the Northern hemisphere on birch trees. It looks more like a lump then your traditional mushroom.

Benefits of Chaga:

  • Chaga is packed with antioxidants and helps fight oxidative stress.

  • Helps your body adapt to stress..

  • Lowers blood sugar.

  • Helps to reduce inflammation.

  • It keeps your immune system healthy.

  • Increases your physical endurance which makes it PERFECT to have before a workout or run.

  • Helps repair skin damage and protects your cells.



In your high speed blender mix:

  • one part cold brew concentrate (I use Stumptown Cold Brew Concentrate)

  • one part filtered water

  • one part chocolate Oat Milk (You know I love Oatly)

  • one teaspoon of Chaga powder (this is the one I’ve been using)

Blend on high until you get a nice froth going and serve over ice.



Mocha Chaga Cold Brew - Perfect for a pre-workout drink