How to run in the summer heat and humidity

You guys, summer is officially here.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather have the heat and the humidity over the snow and the cold any day of the week. Maybe it’s from growing up in Florida, but I just feel better running this time of the year. Or maybe that’s what I say to myself to try to make it easier, who knows?

Of course there are things I do to make it easier to run in the heat:

I run in the morning, especially if I’m doing speed work or a long run.

If I do have to run in the afternoon or if it’s crazy hot outside I wear an ice bandana and shove ice in my sports bra. Having ice on the back of your neck and on your sternum helps keep you cool. I know you can buy fancy ice bandanas but I just take a regular bandana and put some ice in it and roll it up. Easy peasy. I also put ice in my hydration bladder to keep it nice and cool.

Hydration! Very important while running anytime of the year. I make sure to stay on top of my hydration all the time during the summer. I pop a Nuun in my water while I’m running to stay hydrated. Check out this article on why you should take electrolytes.

How to run in the summer and not die.

The past year or two I’ve started to wear a hydration vest during my runs. I enjoy running wearing it because I can keep my hands free, carry water, gels, my phone, keys, go pro, etc. Plus wearing it a lot lets me get used to it for race day. I used to only wear it during races and it would suck because I wasn’t used to the weight of it (it’s not super heavy but an extra pound or two over 50 plus miles adds up if you aren’t used to it).

I’m a big fan of the Nathan VaporHowe. It’s so nice and light and just feels good on. I haven’t had a problem with chaffing with it like I have had with some other brands. The only drawback is the color: peach. I would LOVE a dove grey or darker color, less girly color. I mean, I know I can’t be the only one.

Summer running also means chaffing. Chaffing is the absolute worst. I always chaff in the weirdest places, like under my arms or the waistband of my shorts. I started using Squirrells Nut Butter and it definitely helps a lot. IMO it lasts longer than Body Glide and has all natural ingredients. I apply it to my underarms, inner thighs, feet, and anywhere that is prime for chaffing.

For some reason last year, I forgot to wear sunscreen on a lot of my runs and races. (50 mile ultra that starts at noon in Florida, who needs sunscreen amirite?) Dumb mistake and I’m probably going to look like Magda from There’s Something About Mary when I’m older but I definitely learned my lesson. I found this sunscreen on Amazon and am obsessed with it. I haven’t gotten burnt and it all natural, no weird ingredients and is good for the environment. 

And let’s be honest: Sometimes you gotta hit the treadmill. I know it’s not idea and not as fun as outside but if you can’t run until 2pm and it’s 100 degrees out, it’s just safer. I mean, unless you are training for Badwater. And if that’s the case, do your thing.

All right baberinos! I gotta unpack from our road trip now, which is the worst part about coming home.

Stay cool!

How to run during summer: Tips and tricks to help you run through the heat and humidity