Amazing vegan plant based brunch at graze nashville

I don’t feel like it’s right to call this a guide to Nashville. We were only there for a few days and I feel like I needed like two weeks to do everything I wanted to do. 

I was pleasantly surprised with the vegan offerings in Nashville. Out of all the places we went to, there wasn’t a dud among them.

 I really appreciate a restaurant that doesn’t rely heavily on fake meat. Or use them at all. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Beyond Meat burger, but when I go out I want something different. I liked how all the restaurants we ate in Nashville used tofu or tempeh.


vegan bodega sandwich from falcon in nashville

FALCON - Loved this place! Cute coffee shop with a plant based menu. I got the Bodega Sandwich (twice) and Chris tried the Breakfast Burrito and the Buffalo Chicken Wrap. Everything was good. They sold baked goods from a vegan bakery called Morsel and HOLY SHIT! I would literally be 300 pounds and dead broke if I had access to them on the regular. The only downside was I wasn’t able to try a pop tart from Rose Gold Bakery. Next time!

AVO - I felt like this is an Instagramers dream restaurant - the wall outside has a huge avocado mural, the drinks are pretty and the food is delicious. Definitely get the Avocado Margarita. Chris and I split the nachos, pickles, Southern Bowl, and the Cali Burger.

vegan guide to nashville

THE WILD COW - Every time we ate here it was slammed. Probably because the food was so friggen good. I got the taco salad with added buffalo tofu and Chris got the buffalo tofu sandwich and we split the nachos. (TBH I could eat nachos every day) Their vegan ranch dressing was sooo good.

GRAZE - We stopped at Graze (which is in the same shopping center as the Wild Cow) for brunch and loved it. Chris and I talked about how this place is the perfect in-between of junk vegan food and upscale vegan food. Just good food that you feel good after you eat, and at a good price point. Their biscuits are outrageous.

THE URBAN JUICER - Cute juice spot that had some great smoothies and juices. I need some greens after all that eating out.

vegan baked goods from falcon


We stayed in Sylvan Heights. It was a cute area that had a lot of things in walking distance. We probably would have walked more if it wasn’t so hot and humid out. I found a good looped urban trail near by and was able to get some miles in. There was also a community center (McCabe Community Center) that you could pay $3 for a day pass for their gym. There were a few spinning studios and yoga studios in the area that looked awesome.


Definite didn’t get to go to all the places I wanted to go to so here’s my list for the future:

  • The Southern V

  • Vege-licious

  • Sunflower Cafe

  • Veggie Village

  • Kokos Plant Based Ice Cream

So now we are currently back in Brooklyn (I know it’s gonna take me a good week to unpack) getting back into routine. I’ll be honest, after all that traveling, it feels good to be home and cook my own food.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve been to any of these restaurants or if I’ve missed any I should try next time.