how to make your smoothie more filling

Hey friiiiiiiends.

I hope everyone is keeping cool this summer. It is hot as all get up (is that a real phrase or am i making that up?) in Brooklyn right now. I’ve been making smoothies just about every morning because it is waaaay too hot to even think about turning on the oven lately. I also don’t want to think about how much our electricity bill is gonna be………

One question I get about smoothies is how to make them more filling, more of a meal. I’ve definitely been caught hungry an hour or so after drinking a smoothie, especially back in the day when I would just blend a banana, strawberries, almond milk and protein powder.

So I started to make my smoothies like how I make my meals: fiber, some protein, complex carbs and fat.

Let’s break it down:

I always try to fill my smoothies with as much fiber as I can, usually in the form of green leafy veggies. Spinach is great to put in smoothies and is what I usually use. It’s pretty tasteless and blends up very easily. I honestly put as much as I can fit in the blender, like I cram it in. If I’m out of spinach (like I was this morning) I use acacia fiber. Be mindful with how much you use, if you aren’t used to it it can make you feel kinda bloated. I just stick to the recommended serving and I’ve had no problem.

Protein! I use Vega protein in all of my smoothies. It’s great. I have a post here breaking down different protein powders. But you can use any high quality, plant based protein.

Please don’t be scared of carbs. Your body needs them, especially if you are working out. I like to put fruit in most of my smoothies. I’m a big fan of berries in general. On harder training days when I need to replenish my glycogen storage I add in extra berries or more banana. Or both. In the fall/winter months I replace the fruit with either some sweet potato or with some squash. (I roast my own but in a pinch you can buy it frozen or canned.) Another fun thing to add to your smoothie: frozen cauliflower or frozen zucchini. These are great if you can’t eat bananas since they are both very bland frozen but blend to a nice creamy consistency. (Check out this post for all Q&As about cauliflower smoothies)

Another macro to not be scared of is fat. In each smoothie I make I add some fat to keep me satiated. You can add a TBSP of a nut butter, coconut butter, flax seeds, avocado, chia seeds, MCT oil or coconut oil. If one TBSP doesn’t keep you filled til your next meal, add another one. Don’t worry about counting calories if you are filling your body with whole foods.

You guys, get creative with the blender! Play around with the ratios of fat/fiber/protein to see what works for your beautiful body. I know I need more fiber in my smoothies to keep me filled but Chris needs more fat in his. So play around.