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Winter Running Essentials

I hate running in the cold. Like seriously hate it. Too bad for me, I live in the Northeast and like to run spring races. So I gotta get my buns outside. Between living in Boston and now in Brooklyn, I’ve spent a lot of winters running outdoors. And I’ll be honest, it does help with my winter blues to get outside. After awhile, 35 degrees seems warm. Kinda.

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Figuring out what to eat before a long run takes some trial and error. I’ve definitely had a few really bad runs due to some poor fueling choices. Flashback to a few weeks ago where I was so nauseas I had to stop my run because I felt so sick. Ugh, there’s no worse feeling then having a sour stomach ruin your run. It’s better that I found out that smoothies don’t work for me before a run during training and not the morning of a race.

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How To Run In The Heat

So summer is finally here and I AM SO EXCITED. I love running in the heat. There's nothing better then feeling the sun and not have to spend 15 minutes looking for your other glove. Maybe it has something to do with spending the first 23 years of my life in hot and humid Florida, or it's PTSD from the soul killing Boston winters. Either way, bring on the heat. 

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