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Week three of my vegan Whole30 is done and dusted. And to be honest, I’m getting pretty bored of it. Maybe it’s natural to hit a lull or get bored when you’ve been doing something for 21 days. I miss peanut butter. And bread. Specifically, I miss vegan grilled cheese sandwiches on these cold days. I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen with some recipes and trying out some new ones which has been fun.

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Hey guys!

So I’ve finished my first week of my vegan Whole30. I’m really into it, to be honest. It’s been fun to get back into the kitchen and cooking more. I’ve actually cooked every meal this week except for two times I picked up Sweetgreen for dinner. (I was sick over the weekend and after working I just didn't feel like cooking.) That’s really big for me because Christian and I have gotten a little to reliant on Seamless.

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Oh hey guys! So today I want to share something that I’ve been using for a while to help keep my digestion 100: FOOD COMBINING. Let’s backtrack a second and talk about digestion. Did you know that digesting food takes more energy than any other function for our body? Think about how tired you get after a big lunch? That’s all your energy going to digest all that (usually miscombined) food.

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Winter Running Essentials

I hate running in the cold. Like seriously hate it. Too bad for me, I live in the Northeast and like to run spring races. So I gotta get my buns outside. Between living in Boston and now in Brooklyn, I’ve spent a lot of winters running outdoors. And I’ll be honest, it does help with my winter blues to get outside. After awhile, 35 degrees seems warm. Kinda.

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I’ve been OBSESSED with beets lately. I feel like they are way underrated as far as “super foods” go. If you are a runner or workout, beets should be your new BFF. I’m currently ramping up for my next ultramarathon in December (a 50 miler in Florida) so I’ve been eating or drinking beets just about everyday

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